Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pt 4C happy day's (the bundle of joy)

So in February My boss had called it a day early for us and asked us workers over for a drink....or two. We were drinking peppermint schnapps' with beer chasers..... we were plastered!. Around 6 that night I had to go, I had a girl friend that was with child and felt I should be home. That night around midnight I was woke by some one pounding on my door like the place was on fire. I opened the door to find a co-worker in shock. He informed me that our boss was dead and had committed suicide. I went with him to his house in time to see the body removed and the mess a 9mm will make when you eat the barrel and pull the trigger. This was the second time I had seen this and I wish it would of been the last. you never get numb to seeing a human body with the life gone!

In May was the wedding, Now all of my family were in Oregon and I was in Houston Texas. My mother gave us the option of either coming down for the wedding or coming down when the baby was born.......We chose the later, and I think she was glad we did. My oldest sister came down for the wedding and was the sloe member of my family to show, but we understood that it was a long way away.

Now I should mention that I was sure that the bundle of joy that was on the way was going to be a boy. And I had already had a name picked out for him "Anthony Lloyd"
But we soon found out it was going to be a "Sarah Nichole".
Those of you who are regular readers of "Ken's blog" will know this from my one year post.

So the wedding went off very well, and my best man was great at making sure I held my self together.... it was close there for a bit. (thanks Jeff). We had a BIG party after words with more beer than anyone should ever have... But I was drinking rum and some how there was a picture of me holding a bud up to my head trying to cool off I think I will try to find that picture was all a blur.

In August Sarah was brought in to the world, I was there for the whole thing and is still the best day in my life and I don't think anything will ever be able to top that. She was born at 3:13 pm after 13 hours of labor. she weigh in at 5lbs. 12.5 oz. 19 3/4 inches long. And was BEAUTIFUL. And she still is.

Next up part 5 a trip home.

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Music Monkey said...

Aww, congratulations. I know it was many years ago. But congratulations.