Monday, November 3, 2008

Pt. 5b The trip home

Monday, the first full day in Coos bay, Dad, Connie and I were going Salmon fishing. Mom was watching Sarah. My folks had there own boat and that is it behind Connie holding up her First fish ever and still the only Salmon she ever caught. (and yes I even asked her if it was okay to post this) We went out and were fishing by 8:00 am. And we fished and fished with not even a bite. Connie was not feeling real well, not sick bout not her chipper self either. So dad thought a little bottom fishing was in order, get her moving around. He and I both caught some bottom fish but poor Connie was out of luck. So dad was done we had some seals by the boat and that made the bottom fishing stop. (seals eat fish) He said one more trip out to the whistler and we will head in. We fished for maybe 5 minutes on the way to the whistler when one of the poles took off. I took the wheel and dad set the hook and handed to pole to my wife. She was a trooper she had never fought a fish and listened to everything her father in-law said and as you seen in the picture it worked. I must add that it was a cold foggy day but the ocean was flat. but you couldn't see your hand in front of your face.

That night we started planing the next days fishing trip and learned that Connie was not coming with us, so like the good husband I was I went with out her. And for the next 4 days my father and I hit the ocean by 8 and be back at the dock by 12 full limits and sun tans from being out in some of the best fishing weather I have ever had. One trip out my father hooked in to a fish and I was steering the boat, I put the boat in natural and grabbed my pole and started bringing in my line so as to keep it from getting tangled with his and the fish. All of the sudden my line started going out instead of coming in, I had just hooked in to a fish also. So I was fighting a fish, my dad was fighting a fish and the boat was a drift. We would move back and forth across the boat as our fish did their best to get away. When got mine to the boat my father (and I am still in awe over this) he held on to his pole and while fighting his fish netted mine then returned to retrieve his, I netted his and as we went to club them he looked up and the police were of the stern of the boat just laughing there asses off. They had been watching this I guess the whole time and they knew my dad. My dad yelled over and said "Well at least let me tag them before you board?" they just waved and said"That's okay Lloyd we loved the show".

Soon my 10 days were up and it was time for me to head back to Houston......But there had been a change in plans. I would be returning home alone. It seems that my wife and my mother had gotten together and decided that she should stay longer..... That was a big surprise...NOT

Part 6 The big move will begin tomorrow.

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Midlife Slices said...

Took me a while to catch up but I'm there now!! Man, you sure use to be a party animal. :) I'm enjoying this story, by the way so I'll be waiting for future updates.