Friday, October 31, 2008

Pt.4b Happy days

So now I am a Maint. tech for an apartment complex, 22.5 acres 517 units 51 buildings. This place was 15 years old and just starting to fall apart. There were a lot of drugs and drinking in those days. And I had three good friends that Connie and I spent most of our time with, One is no longer with us he took his own life in February of 83. but lets not get ahead of our self here. So I was working and getting a discount on the little one bedroom apartment, Connie had move to working for a company that made robes. Now Houston had a high crime rate and the apartments did not escape the wrath, and in the day time we were the security force. And on more than one occasion I was called upon to chase down burglars. So one day I got a call about some one braking in to an apartment that was close to mine, I grabbed another tech and we split up he went up the stairs in the front and I went up the back that way we had them trapped...... well just as I reached the top of the stairs my partner came flying out the back door seen me and lowered his .38 stub nose pistol at me I froze in my tracks. He seen that it was me and raised the gun which did nothing to help him with the slur of finely chosen words I called him which ended with this phase (and I want you to remember this also) I told him that I would get even with him for this. Maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow but I would get even with him for this. The burglar had gone just so you know.

Now I had a resident that was a friend not a close friend but a friend. He asked me that if he bought a ceiling fan if I would install it for him, for a fee. And I told him I would just let me know when he was ready. I often did little things like this for people for extra cash, or some times drugs. So the next day the guy had the ceiling fan and was ready for me to install it. It took me about 45 minutes to install one back then. And when I finished he gave me $10 and my choice of 3 NASA space wrenches.... Now these weren't just wrenches that said NASA on them, these were wrenches that were made to go to space. they were crescent wrenches that had no wheel that you turned it was a button that you would slide. I miss that wrench to this day. But as we were there just talking he showed me this old cap and ball pistol he had, it was real old. He said he had caps for it but not the balls (which are the bullets) I got this idea in my head right away..... I asked if I could barrow it for Halloween, I was was going as the hanging judge and it would make a good prop. he agreed and gave me a few caps also.

Now the company my girl friend worked for made judges robes, so she brought one home for me to use as part of my costume. I added a cowboy hat and tied a hanging noose and along with the pistol we headed to the Halloween party that was at my bosses place all of our friends were there including the man that will soon become a major friend but I will save that for later. And the guy that was responsible for scaring 10 years off my life by pulling a gun on me. He was dressed as a die. You know he was in a big box painted black with white spots on it. So now it was time to spring my big surprise...I grabbed my boss and took him in the back and told him of my plan, he thought it was a great idea and offered to run interference for me. So he walked out into the room straight at Mr. dice boy as he was getting close with me at his heels I pulled the cap and ball gun out and cocked it. just before my boss got to dice boy he turned and walk to his left leaving nothing between me and the dice boy. I lowered the gun to his face called his name and just as his eye's focused on the gun I pulled the trigger BANG!. He fell in side the box and the whole room went crazy with laughter. He stuck his head out side the box to see me with the biggest smile and I said to him "I told you I was going to get you and I did". And yes I loved every second of it.

So that December the rock band the Who were coming to play, That was Connie's favorite band and we just had to go see them. and I'm really glad we did it was a great concert. I seen a lot of concerts while I was in Houston. But this was a good one, 3 of our best friends went with us we all sat together and we got so high we smoked a lot of pot in those days and I mean everyday and when we went to concerts we smoked even more but this was the Who and we had to have something special for that so we picked up some coke for the concert.

We had a great time and when we got home and every one left we continued with the good times.

Then some time in January she started feeling funny and went to the doctor and they ran some tests. She waited by the phone for the results ... and waited and waited. Then the phone rang and she lit a smoke and answered the call, she was listening and I was watching ...and then she put the smoke out when it was only half gone and I knew I was in trouble. She hung up the phone and started crying?

She looked up at me and said she was pregnant, Well this I had figured out all ready but I was puzzled at the crying? She had thought she was with child 2 other times and when she found out she wasn't she cried, So now that she was why was she crying?... I still haven't got this one.

Tomorrow will be pt 4 C of happy days "the bundle of joy"


Trixie said...

Wouldn't have suprised me if dice boy hasn't peed his pants! lol.

Ken said...

Trixie, There was rha rumor but I never got coformation. But a person that was there that night will be reading this, this weekend I hope and he may know for sure.

Music Monkey said...

Women cry! It's not for a man to decipher why! At least she put the cigarette out. Many people back then (in the dark ages! lol, only kidding!) smoked right through pregnancy.