Saturday, November 15, 2008

Part 11 It all goes out the window

So I paid the doctor her $5 and she then sent me to see a hand specialist. They said it needed more help than they could do there. I spent over two hours in there with him messing around with my thumb, I remember him trying to give me a Novocaine shot and having to go get a different needle. My wife was there and when he left the room I asked her why he needed a different needle. She said that the one he was trying to use would just bend and not go in. He came back to the room and said "I can tell you work with your hands... Duhhh. I always wished I would of asked him what he worked with, but at the time I really didn't want him pissed at me. He had to sew my thumb nail back in because it would not stay put, it kept popping back out. He thought I was crazy because I would laugh every time it popped out. Then he tried to move the bone pieces around a bit wrapped it up and was going to send me on my way... but I had to be a smart ass. I told him he had a racket going on here. he asked why I would say that. I told him it only took 1 second to fuck my thumb up and it took him hours to put it back together. Now he thought that was funny, as we were leaving I heard him telling that to his nurse.

So for a week I was unable to work. Then I was on light duty, nothing over 2 pounds with either hand. So I was walking around marking burnt out lights for a week. Then on Friday I was called in to the office, I wasn't worried though everyone was being called in one at a time over the radio. So I knew I wasn't in trouble and I knew I wasn't getting canned because you never can some one while they are on workers comp. So I went in .....And was told that my job was gone and that every Buddy's job was gone. The mall had been bought out...CASH. we all got our last three weeks pay and I got a 2 month kicker check.
I was worried then, who would hirer a guy with only one hand? I came home and went straight for a bottle of rum I had in the fridge. Took a long drink and put it back and my wife then knew something was wrong. I told her that I and every one else had lost there jobs today. I told her we had plenty of money but not enough to make it in tell my thumb was back to normal. The doctor said it would be 9 months to a year, because I had done so much damage.

I called workers comp and they told me I was now on 100% disability in tell I was released to go back to work with no restrictions.So I was going to be getting paid really well while I was healing, and I had about $4,000 as a kick. We went on a week long vacation, stayed so high we might have slept two times over that week. Then came back and I got me a dog, this dog was the greatest thing I could of done for my self while trying to heal. She gave me something to do and that was always better than doing nothing.

One day I was going to get some gas and pulled in to the station and the guy pumping the gas and I had talked a few time just Small talk. He wanted to show me some coins he picked up from a customer. they were in a plastic folder. I opened it up and there was a small bag with about $30 worth of crank in it. I told him he should be more careful with his drugs. he turned white. I told he got lucky in that I also did them, he gave it to me and said that if I wanted more I could get it from his wife. and gave me her phone number.

Part 11 b it all goes out the window will be tomorrow.

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Midlife Slices said...

Hearing about your thumb makes me cringe. Ouch!!!