Friday, November 14, 2008

Part 10, we find Meth to be better

I had switched jobs after a year and a half at the dairy job. I got another Maint. tech job that was in Willsonville Oregon. We were just doing crank once and awhile in the week and on the weekends, thinking we had it under control. With these drugs you always think you have control, control over it and every thing else that you are doing. I did some side work for a guy at the complex, and when I finished he brought me in his shop and drew me a line of Christal meth. I snorted it and it burned like hell! but with in minutes I was a happy camper. I bought a line from him and took it to my wife. I asked her to try it and see what she thought of it.

I wasn't long before I had 4 or 5 people I could buy it from. But we were still doing it mainly on weekends. Then we noticed that the sex was getting better with this new drug. Who doesn't want better sex right?. I met this guy who sold both Meth and Coke, He stopped by one night and wanted to turn a bunch of coke into crack. He was out of meth but that was okay we weren't. so I was dead set in the "I will not do crack" I had tried that once in Houston and found that it was way to good to be messed with. But he gave us about a 1/4 oz. of coke for our troubles and left. After he left we were finding crack all over the kitchen. We found close to an 1/8 of an oz. and just used that as trading stock for weed. Things were tail spinning out of control and I just couldn't or wouldn't see it.

I was getting edgy with work and I was not putting up with the small stuff that every job has. I would call them on it, and finally I had, had enough and quit that job after just over a year and got a really good job at one of the biggest malls in the state. We moved to Canby Oregon in our trailer to a trailer park. And things were go well again. Christmas's came and went I was really liking my job and they were liking me my drug use started to drop off and the meth use stopped. And about a month later I was putting our scissor lift way when the left side cage folded when it shouldn't have. I ripped my thumb nail out by the root and crushed my thumb on my left hand. Yes it hurt like hell, but pain and I knew each other well so I didn't freak out. I just wrapped my other hand around my thumb and went looking for my boss. I told him what had happened and he asked to take a look at it..... That was not an option I told him it would be spraying blood all over the mall in front of customers. So right across the street from us was an urgent care hospital, so we headed over there.

They cleaned it up and were going to take some x ray's . I told the doctor that I had already broke that bone so it was not going to be broke, she said I don't know that's a pretty nasty wound. So being the smart ass that I was I bet her $5 that it wasn't broke, and headed down for the x ray's. When the intern handed me the x rays I asked him if it was broke? he told me he wasn't qualified to say. I said that I was and pulled them out and held them up to the light. I counted 8 pieces. I turned to him and said well it looks broke to me, he agreed. Then I said damn. I owe the doc five bucks... he laughed as I walked back to the room.

Tomorrow part 11 it all goes out the window


Midlife Slices said...

Still reading. I don't know how you even remember this time in your life. But glad you do so you can share it with us.

Ken said...

Midlife trust me there is a lot of things I remember about this time in my life, I'm glad I rmrmber them. Because it gives me another reason (not that I need more) to never even think about doing this to my self, friends or family ever again. I could right a very long novel with stuff I have not put in here, some I may tell later some will never be put down for others to read.