Monday, January 26, 2009

Whats up with Ken?

Well, this is my new love (at least she thinks so) She loves her uncle ken, who else would spend the day out in 16 degree weather fixing her fence to her play pin.
Then there is this guy I get (have) to look at when I'm in the house! My nephew shot this a couple years ago with a bow. Not bad for his first try! But there's not of room for him to go up!

I had one guy tell me today when I showed him this picture on my camera that it was a nice looking Moose, Just so you know its an ELK!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Two miles stones a coming!

I have two miles stones coming, both on the other two blogs, My ask me blog is coming up on its 100th posting. I am working on a post idea for that post I hope you all will join in on it. My other blog is soon to hit its 300th post, Never did I dream when I started it I would be at 300 posts. I hope to also have a special post for that also.
It just seems strange that I am still doing blogging and loving it more all the time I have made some good friends on here and continue to do so. So some time next month we will have a cyber party! Wahoo!!!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Whats up with Ken 2

Well I told you that I took my office space and split it up, I now have it set up here Upstairs and I have one set up in my room. This has been both a curse and a blessing. Curse: I at first left my Dell computer upstairs, then found out that I like working in my room a lot. So I switched the computers, I was using a HP (old) and put it up her and it was running so slow I couldn't take it any more. I pulled out the POS E machines I bought in 07. This thing had the mother board go bad and was just inside the warranty. So they replaced it. I was using it and 90 days later it stopped working and said" Your code for windows is not legal" Now I never put no DAMN code in, but it didn't hear me I guess because it just clammed up. So I had to wipe it all out and re do the thing like it was new. It worked, for 90 days. I was so happy........ I called the company (Gateway) and asked them what was up? They said: "Your computer is out of warranty we can't help you"........ I again was so happy. I unplugged the damn thing and sat it a side. There it sat, and sat....... Then two days ago I was so tired of the slow HP That I broke out the POS And installed it all again knowing that in 90 days it was once again going to be a paper weight.

Well today I was running around window shopping, and went in to a computer store. I shopped around and started talking to one of the salesmen. I told him what was going on. He said all I had to do was stand on my head stick my thumb some where unpleasant and click this and that and it should take care of it for me....... HUH?. I thanked him and acted like I understood 1/2 of what he said. I then went to the store I bought the POS at. I talked to a GEEK there and he said ohhhh, all you have to do is put one hand on the floor stick your feet out as fast as you can run in a circle and make a whoop whoop sound like the three stooges and bam your up and running.......... HUH? Okay I was so happy.

I messed around with it after I had gotten home, I went in to properties scrolled done and found the code.... and above the code it said "activate tomorrow" ? So I looked on the back of the CPU and there was the "Windows" sticker. This was the only part of what either guy had told me I understood. So I checked the code that was on it against the code in the computer, NOT EVEN CLOSE to the same!. So I clicked on the icon that said inter new code. And I interred the code that was on the back of the CPU. Hit the okay button and........... "Windows does not recognise the code you interred, please check the code and inter it again......... I was so happy.
But I checked the code, and what do you know I entered 4 letter/numbers wrong...yes I said wrong, damn hard to tell 6 and G and B and 8 apart when your not wearing your glasses and your reading upside down.
So I put the code in again making sure (via a magnifying glass) that it was right and clicked inter...........waiting...........waiting........BING Your windows code is valid........I WAS SO HAPPY! So I went online and wasn't on but a minute and bam, sweeper pops up, some bug was trying to get into my computer. It was blocked and I am sweeping it for any traces of the nasty bug. I just may have two good computers after all. If not well I will be so happy..........

U/S duhhhh

Blast from the past 1

For my first blast from the past I am doing this photo. One because it just bust me up so bad. (my hair is long because I hated I mean HATED getting it cut) and two My sister doesn't know when it was taken. First let me inform you who is who in here. (left to right front to back) Ken (me) Richard, Steven,Terry, Reneee, Ali and the little guy is my nephew Taylor. Just to give you an idea how long ago this was I am House/dog sitting and mending a fence for Taylor at his house all next week. But this picture was taken in 1980/ maybe early 1981. For I moved to Houston in 81. And Taylor was born in 80 I do believe. But now back to my hair.... I mean hey it was COOOOL MAN to have your hair long like that back then. But the funny thing is now if it gets an inch long I'm going nuts and heading to get it taken care of. Oh I will not put ages to my brothers and sisters but let me put them in age order. Terry, Richard, Renee, Ken,Steven. Ali well lets just say she is still that young... she wishes. But I am 48 and working hard on 49 and Taylor is 28. So the whole famn damily is getting old. But we are still close and we are all still pissin' and moanin'. But there you have it my first blast from the past. Not all will be about the family, but a lot will. (they make for such good reading)


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

When will I learn? 1

Yeah that's right I never told you about this one either, again read the name of the blog (man I sound so tough). Anyway:

I have this computer that was just sitting around holding the floor down because it has "Vista" in it and it would not work with the old wireless system I was using. But now that I have the new one I thought HEY I can use that upstairs, its a lot faster than the OLD one. So I hooked it up.
Then got a little reminder what the rest of the reason was that I no longer used it. It is telling me I have an illegal version of windows vista! (huh?) Well I have a restore disk and I am in the process of restoring it now. But I will have to do it again in 90 days when that ends, in less I can find a way to get a code for the vista.

I really hate that computer, I bought it new and 2 weeks before the warranty went out the motherboard did. I sent it off to get it fixed, now the warranty expired while in the shop. It hasn't worked right ever sense. I called and they said I had to pay for any repairs. I said it came BACK from your shop fucked up! It was under warranty when it got there WTF!

So I am installing this thing going on line and going to try to get it running right. But I refuse to drop one penny in to it! If $5 will fix it, it will return to being a paper weight!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Okay so I never told you about the title "OMG" but just read the name of this blog.... get it!

Anyway, this is a true OMG! I really didn't think a person could think this way, and actually voice it! I met this person online, we were talking and I mentioned that I use to be addicted to meth and that I have been clean going on 7 years. Well this persons response just floored me! I was told that if I had ever been addicted to meth that there was no way I could ever quit. WHAT?
Then I was informed that I was a bold face lire and that I should face the fact that I am a drug user! WHAT?

I really, really tried to keep my cool. But as the conversation continued I just got pissed. I then offered this blog address to this person, and asked for them to read it. I also explained that I would not of told my story for my family and friends to read if it was not true!. I have not heard back from them on if they plan to read the story or not. But without reading the story, they will not be talking to me! I am that shallow!


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baby its cold out side

This is what I woke to this morning (very late for me I might add) Now if you read my other blogs you will know the weather has been really nice lately, so this was a shock. I thought it would make for some good pictures right from my deck. What I should of thought is, "this would make some good shots from inside my town house!" It was fricking cold!! And did I even put on a jacket, let a lone a full out coat? NO! I was only going to be outside a second. Which turns out to be long enough to freeze my balls off!
But my parents are down in sunny Yuma, And I thought they should know what kind of hell there son was having to live through...... They love to laugh damn them anyway lmao.

So I hope they are putting there shorts on and going out to tan when they see these so they will feel guilty and just stay home. (that will happen.....NOT!)


Friday, January 16, 2009

Could be true #1

It was a nice sunny day, warm and working on getting hot. There was just a slight breeze blowing but not even a wisp of a cloud in the sky. Some friends came over and asked if I wanted to go down to the river for a bar-b-Que. How could I refuse, I am always ready for a river trip and it is so close to the house I can walk back to get things if needed, So away I went.

After getting the spot picked out and everything all set up, I went for a walk down the river bank.
As I rounded a bend in the river I noticed something floating in the water and heading a way from me with the current. It looked like some white cushion are something like that it was moving away at a good pace. So I picked up my pace to see if I could catch up to it and see just what it was. I have found some pretty cool things in and on the banks of rivers. I have found countless pairs of sunglasses, fishing polls, tackle, clothing, money and so forth. As I got closer I could see that there was more to this thing than just what was on the surface. I could tell as parts that were under water would get caught on rocks and it would send the rest to spin in the current.

I finally got close enough to see that there was a arm that was just under the surface, This set my spinning. My pulse jumped 100%. I ran down the bank as fast as I could, now there was no time to waist. I hit the water and swam to the body, scared to death at what I was about to see. I have found body's before, and it isn't something you would ever get use to but you know you have to do it. I went and rolled it over to see the ugliest scare crow in my life! My heart just about jumped out my mouth, I wasn't thinking it would be a hoax. I mean who would do that sort of thing it could really mess with a persons head.

I did bring it back to the bar-b-Que, and we named him Chester the mind molester. He was the hit of the party.

A couple of weeks later we heard that he was spotted in Eugene some 70 miles away and was still partying hard, but had gotten some new cloths. This was back in the 70's and every once in a while I wonder what ever happened to good ol Chester.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sometines it just don't pay!

This is what the weather is like here today, BEAUTIFUL!! So I thought I would go to a place where I could get some breath taking photos just for you my readers. I hopped on my bike and headed out. I hit the trails at a high rate of speed.... 20 mph. Then I hit the ground.....HARD! when I hit this on the trail. (see below)
So I picked myself back up and made sure I was still in one piece (and I was) And I thought to my self, "Self what would Captain Danger do in this case?" Well captain danger would just slow down and go on to get the pictures for his readers. I now know I am not captain danger I then hit this rock you see below!

I picked myself up and made sure I was still all there (I may be wrong) And thought to myself "Self What would someone with even a half a brain do in this case?" I then WALKED my bike back to where there was not frozen snot and rode back to where I have been taking pictures for years, and what did I find when I got there........

I tell you what, This wasn't my day this water you see here is the trail I walk when taking pictures of the water fowl. As this picture and the one below show I was waisting my time. I came straight home and now my leg (left) and my backside as well as my right shoulder are starting to hurt.... Damn good thing I wear a helmet!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dad, dad, What are you doin'?

(dad) I'm trying to fix this thing son.
(son) Wow, what is it dad?
(dad) Its a blog son.
(son) Can I help?
(dad) Well uh I guess you could, see the fuzzy stuff around the edges?
(son) yeah? I think so.
(dad) well hand me that torch.... Thanks, (click Whoosh .... sounds of snap crackle pop, and the smell of burning brain cells)
(dad) well that's about all we can do here son.
(son) Did we fix it dad will it work now?
(dad) Well that's not up to us son that's up to the readers, if they go to the blog and play it will be okay, but we have to tell the readers how to find the blog it has been broke for a long time so people have forgotten it.Would you like to give them the address to the blog?
(son) Yeah, can I, that would be killer man.
(dad) okay, big boy you tell them how to get to the blog then.
(son) Okay, well if you go to you can get there that way or you can just go to the blog roll to the right and click on "Ask me why" and then mark it as a favorite so you can find it easy. How was that dad?
(dad) Yes you did fine son, now I will tell them how to play and so forth.
Ken will ask you a question then you just go to the comments for that post and answer it, Or you can ask him a question in the comments section and he will answer it in a post, just don't think you will get a straight answer from this guy. If you really need a straight answer then email it to him at this is his new blog only email address. Then there is the "Who knew" part he will enlighten you on something that has struck him as strange or funny. You can also post one of them in the comments section. All in all it is up to you the readers to fix this blog I have done all I can and Ken is waiting, he says this is his favorite blog and really likes to play! Help him out I can't take working on this thing any more and he pay's dog poop!


Friday, January 9, 2009

Here is whats up with Ken

I'm sorting through my photos from last year, trying to put them in to group's.

I wish I had done this from the start, it would make it so much easier to find that one damn picture I want!. So I am doing that with this years pictures.

I have started three new folders for this year. Water fowl, Birds and nature shots of 2009. I think that this will make it a little simpler to find them when needed. (I'm so smart) and just think it only took me three or four years to figure it out! I told you the drugs didn't effect me and you thought they had..... for shame on you!

And speaking of drugs, Tomorrow will be my 6 month anniversary of quiting smoking! The biggest thing I have noticed about it is that lately when riding my bike I am breaking up crap in my lungs and they are telling me that they don't want it in there any more. I also think I am using parts of my lungs that haven't been used for a LONG time. But I feel good and I can dismiss the cravings I still get with ease. I hear I will have them on a regular bases for about 2 years and then they will start to weaken, but that I may have them all my life. I can deal with that, I am so glad to ride past the smoke shop and wave to my friend that works there lol. He has been trying to quit for years..... Maybe he should go to work some where else?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

WTF #1.5

Okay here is what the happened with the dentures.

I called and whined enough to get in to see them yesterday afternoon.

They said that the plate was really thin on top? and that was why it cracked.

They also said that they will have to replace the plate all together and the one tooth when I go in for my final fitting, which is coming soon. I go in on the forth of next month to see if I am ready. I hope so, I haven't been locked to one spot sense I was a kid... not that I have to go any where, its just that the idea I can't go I guess. I would like to get down to the south and see about picking up some work there at least for a short while and maybe see a few friends. I haven't been 40 miles away from my home in over a year and I'm getting the itch... Not in the same way as Practically Joe. But an itch all the same!

So anyway they fixed them and now I can chew and chomp! I'm all happy now!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

WTF #1

Well I didn't think I would be doing a WTF this soon but, What the fuck!. Most of you know that I have dentures, and I love the crap out of them. I also think my Dentist and his staff are the best in the world.My dentures were not a El cheapo set, in fact I think they are the best money can buy.....but.

I was eating some Lucky charms yesterday while setting in front of the computer. As I was setting there reading the charms got soggy which was fine I don't care about that, but as I was chewing my tongue got stuck to the roof of my mouth? And it hurt like hell as I ripped it from the roof of my mouth.I was like "What the hell?"
So I ran my tongue across the roof of my mouth and could feel nothing out of the ordinary. I was puzzled, I knew I had not imagined it my tongue was still stinging. But like a trooper I went back to eating, and a few bites later it happened again....WTF.
This time I could feel it, just like I had a hair stuck to the plate of my denture. I knew then that I had a crack in the plate..... I was freaked out, I mean I love these things, every time one of my friends ask me how they are feeling I light up like a Christmas tree.I pick up my phone and speed dial my dentist, and this is what they tell me. The Dr. isn't in today but we can see you on Friday at 7:00 am.???? Hello my beautiful teeth are falling apart!! But I say OK and we talk over what I should do in till the visit, soft foods where them as little as possible and all that.

So I made hamburger patties last night and cut them up some thing soft and easy to chew.And right after dinner I went to take my teeth out..... That is when I went in to panic mode. The little crack I felt wasn't so little! It is like 1 1/2 inches long and runs right through the left front tooth. I have been freaked out ever sense. I will be calling the dentist asap to See if that will be causing me to be without my teeth for longer than the couple hours I was told about yesterday.

So here is the first WTF! I really wish this one had never come up!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Now pay attention

If you can't pay attention just bum a nickle from some one and come back!

Okay here is what is up with this blog. I know you have been dieing to hear.
Now this is not carved in stone and I hope to add to it as I go.

1. Here is what is up with Ken.
And that is what it will be. Just a update at where and what I'm up to.

2.And the story goes like this.
A made up story for you to enjoy.


4.Blast from the past
A short story from my past, one that wasn't covered in the opening of this blog.

5. Could be true? could be a damn lie!
Oh I will be having fun with this one, I have enough blanks in my life that my family wont even know if its true, But I am working on one that one of my readers will know. So Jeff you will have to bow out from commenting on it lol

So that is what is up with this blog, I have had my ask blog sitting to the side for a while now and I will be waking it up. So get your reading glasses out and your thinking caps on I aim to drive you all just as crazy as I am.

Monday, January 5, 2009

So here is a story for you

I have been a bad boy for the last year or so. (I know its shocking but true) I have been taping in to some ones wireless network and not having to pay for it. Well my Christmas present this tear was karma. I am back from my brothers and could not get on line for what seemed to be a week or more, Then I could get on line sometimes. And again this morning I could not get on line, but was planing on calling quest to get there new offer of 7 mb for $7 what a great deal!.... NOT. I could not get it in my area, it is offered in my town but not where I live. I called a few more places.... nope not one of them could help me either. Well those of you who know me know how well I take these little set backs..... Yes I have issues. So I then went to my good friends over at best buy. They were able to get me set up on a broadband wireless for nothing down. They told me it would be slow........ It is a hell of a lot faster than the way it was even when the signal was great. I had, had 11 songs on itunes that I wasn't able to down load for what seemed like for ever. they were down loaded in no time flat. I will be going over to blog #1 and seeing how fast I can do some pictures right after this.

So now I will be able to do the resolutions I had set out to do.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Okay what are your new years resolutions

My new years resolutions are simple ones really. ( I think I have already did all the hard ones)

1. Spend more time on my blogs.

2. Keep in closre touch with my friends

3. Take more pictures than I did last year

So let me hear what yours are!