Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Special bulleton this is where it gets ugly

I am now getting to the part that is a very ugly time in my life. I am not proud of the things I did while trying to get though this time. But I'm not afraid to tell it either. If it helps one person in anyway, then telling it will be worth it. I want you to under stand that the drug use you have read about so far was just a warm up for a full blown addiction. The drugs I use from here on are the types that you really can't understand the addiction in less you try the drug.... that would be a mistake on your part. Meth can grab you the first time you use it. And if it does the ride you will take is all down hill. This drug was made by one of Hitlers Doctors, and was used widely by him and his men. He sent to the Japanese but they seen it for what it was and did not use it.It has been reported that Hitler started using it in 1939 the start of WWII. and he was insane at the time of his death in 1945. This rings true with what I have seen when people use this drug with needles. I was lucky in the fact that I only have 2 fears in my life, one is the last time I say goodbye to my Daughter will be the last time I do (but I always say it and I tell her I love her also just in case). The other is NEEDLES. I have seen people towards the end of my drug use lose their minds and there will be some of them in here. The main purpose of the whole story is three fold. One to get people to understand and get the real truth about this drug and what it does to you mind body and soul. Two, to let my friends ....and my family know that I am so done with that part of my life and that I love them for giving me the chance to be in their lives again. And three, I think I needed to do this for myself. I have been clean from drugs for 6 years 4 months and 26 days... not that I'm counting. This was supposed to be just another post but I seemed to go a little deeper in to this than I had planed so I will re-name this and this will be the post for today. not what I had planed but I'm good with it anyway.

So it will be tomorrow that I post part 9 New job/ New wife


Lena said...

i wish so many people would realize the consequences of using drugs and have the strength to end with it. Though not many can.
Glad you could :)

Trixie said...

Wow, I didn't know about Hitler and the Meth!

I've been around the drug side of life for most of my time, but luckily, nothing hard like meth.

Midlife Slices said...

That explains a lot of Hitler's actions. Over 6 years clean and a lifetime ahead to enjoy the rewards. I'm proud of you!!!