Monday, February 23, 2009

Whats up with ken 4

Well I'm not sure. I will be heading over to my nephews today to tie up some lose ends. But other than that I don't know whats going on. Oh I will be getting a slight adjustment to my dentures but its just a miner adjustment. But I could have some time off so I could get some pictures taken. So that's whats up with me, Whats up with you?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Well what do you know!

Well they got it right! See the new tooth? See how they are not hurting me? See that big smile?
Well that smile is because I may (yes I said may only have a couple quick trips over the next week or so then I'm done). It all started with a phone call on the 2nd of June. I had a few visits then surgery on the 10th of July. And now I have the best smile in town!

Whats up with Ken 3

So today is the day I give the dentist another chance to piss me off. I will be heading there in just a few to have them try (again) to make the final plate, and replace the tooth that cracked (again). I will be without my teeth all day (again). and pick them up late in the afternoon after they try to kill me, I mean adjust them!. We will see if they can get it right this time.............. I will of course let you know!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


So my last dentist apointment was today............NOT!
It was supposed to be today. But that would just be to convenient.
So I show up on time and a little early even. they take me back and start making molds and putting foul tasting CRAP in my mouth that will not GO AWAY!. But hey this is my last trip to the dentist......NOT!. So then they take my dentures and say, "Come back at 3:20 and we will do a fit, then you will be coming in over the next week 3 or 4 times for us to adjust them......WHAT? But I keep my mouth shut after all these people have been really good to work with and I like 3 out of the four of them. So off I go.

3:20 comes around and I am at the dentist...... waiting for my dentures to show the fuck up. They do and I dont know what time it was that they did but it should of been a clue for what was about to come. I get in the damn chair and the lady (the one I don't like) is messing around with my teeth, I ask her if I could see the new tooth (one had been broken when she got the plate to thin). And she says oh yeah um I need to talk to you about that..................
They didn't have a tooth there with the right color except one with gold edges on it.......What the fuck! They had known for at least 2 months that that tooth was going to be replaced and they didn't think to see if they had one? I was not happy! Then she put the upper plate in, and it fit really well and was all smooth and I relaxed a bit. (trust me that was short lived) Then she started messing with the bottom plate. And she went to put it in. OMFG what the hellllllll! That hurts like hell! she was like what and pushes down on them. I pulled away from her and said in the kindest tone I could "That hurts". she calls the dentist in. he messes around with them trying to set them this way and that way but all it was doing was cutting the fuck out of me! He keeps messing with them taking them back to this room and fucking with them. Finaly he figures out that the lab set them at an angel. So they put a temp liner in and say that I will have to bring it in to be redone AGAIN when I bring the top in for the new tooth... Like I would come in with out the bottom or something? So my last visit is going to be..... WHO THE FUCK KNOWS WHEN!


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Blast from the past 2

This blast is for my parents and there 55th wedding anniversary. That is a long time for two people to stay together. And we their children are very proud of them. I hope they have many more of these yet to come!

Monday, February 2, 2009

And it was!

The Superbowl was just that, a Superbowl. Although I would of liked to see the Cardinals get there first Superbowl before the Steelers got there 6th. The game was a good one and went down to the wire. It was a good game and I hope the next one is as good.

In another note I will be back at my nephews this week. So I wont be doing a lot of post. But I will be getting some ready to do. As in my 300th post on "Ken's blog" and my 100th post on my "Ask me" blog. So you will be hearing to much from me next week. SORRY!