Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pt. 6 the big move

My friend Jeff picked me up from the air port and for the next 10 days we all partied and when the wife came home the house was a mess..... and I mean a mess. I thought I was going to have my throat slit in my sleep kind of mess. But she didn't do it as you can see.

The picture above is of us while at my parents house on that trip.

When things settled down from the trip Connie dropped a bomb shell on me......

She wanted to move to Oregon!. That was a real arm twister to get me to agree to that....NOT!. I loved my friends down there but hated it there.So we started making plans to move there. we had some set backs I had changed jobs and other minor things like that so the move didn't come in tell May of the next year.

We rented an apartment in Beaverton Oregon. And I found a job working at a service station. The guy I worked for was a really nice guy, and I still call him friend to this day.

Connie soon found a job working for a phone company and we were doing well. We found a really nice lady to watch Sarah and life was good.

I had moved up to a mechanic at the station and was bringing in a lot more money and we were getting settled in well. When I started having pains in my arms. I was having trouble holding on to things. I remember one thing that really scared me was we had gone grocery shopping and bought a dozen eggs. As I tried to put them in the egg holder in the door I would drop them I couldn't hold on to them. I was in good shape and besides just smoking some pot I was drug free.Then it started getting worse. I was having trouble holding on to heaver things and it got to the point I would not pick Sarah up for fear of dropping her. I would set down and have her crawl up in my lap then wrap her arms and legs around me and I would stand up. She would do all the holding on.... It was killing me. Doctors were trying everything they could think off (which is why I hate doctors to this day) nothing was working and they had no clue what was going on.

While all this was going on Connie and I separated, and I moved 50 miles away to Salem my home town.

Tomorrow pt. 6 b WTF Doc?

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Midlife Slices said...

Dammit, what was causing you to not be able to hold on to things??? I have to wait until tomorrow??? grrrr.....