Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lost and found

Well a few posts ago (may have been on my other blog) I told you about me losing my eye glasses two years ago, I had thought that they were lost in 2 feet of snow in the woods at my brothers place. Well they were at my brothers place, they were found in the couch in the little cabin I stay in while I'm there, Of course they are no good to me now, my eyes have gotten to the point that I need glasses all the time and they were just reading glasses. But at least I now where they are right now.....stuffed inside an old boot! (I think)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Whats up with Ken 6

Okay here is the deal, I just came home from mom and dads. I helped dad run wire for his new TV in the motor home, and got a rocker/recliner out of the deal.

Wednesday I will be heading over to my brothers to help him with his major over haul of his log cabin. But first we will be making a fishing trip (IT IS HIS BIRTHDAY ON WEDNESDAYS AND MINE ON THURSDAY) We try to do something together every year at this time even though we are 3 years apart (and one day). I will be at his place for who knows how long could be two weeks. I will try to sneak a post in every so often if I can!

Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm a fucking IDIOT!

I have owned my camera for like a year and a half. I love the damn thing and use it all the time. But I have never been able to use the view finder, I have looked in the manual, online and on the disc, Nothing! So today I'm looking at the damn thing and see this little button that says EVF/LCD. I wonder what that means? I push the button.....nothing happens....Oh maybe I should turn the damn thing on! So I do and try it again and what do ya know..WHA LA! Now I'm the smartest idiot on the planet!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Strange but true

Back in 1999 I broke (well crushed) my left thumb. I ripped the nail out by the root. And when it heeled the right side of the nail never re-attached to my thumb. It was always a pain I could never keep the damn thing clean, I know it sounds strange but its true. And today I go to look at it as I was cleaning my nails and low and behold it is attached and looks normal? WHEN IN THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN?