Thursday, November 20, 2008

Part 13 un-lucky 13

So I got a job close to are place at a service station (here in Oregon you can't pump your own gas in less you belong to a club type of station) My boss and I both were doing meth and crank and smoking pot. So it wasn't long before I became the second in charge there.

One night I was thinking about all of are couples friends and how all of them were braking up. And that the one thing they had in common was meth. I thought about this then brought it up to my wife. She thought I was crazy, but I kept thinking about it and after a few more days I told the wife that we were going to have to quit the meth it was hurting our relationship and I didn't want us to go down the tubes. This was a bad idea!!. the next night as I was getting of from work the police showed up and arrested me. I wasn't even told what for in tell we were almost to the jail. I was being arrested for beating my wife? I looked at that cop like he was nuts. He said that she had filed charges and that some guy had been a witness to the whole thing and when he told me who the witness was I told him "Joe smith?" "I don't know no Joe Smith" "I know a Joe Jones though" They said that this smith guy lived in a van next to us. I said "that is Mr. Jones" The two cops looked at each other and that is when I think they new they had been had.
I was in jail for a few days before I could get bailed out. Thank god my sister knew better than to believe that I would hit a woman.. even on drugs that would not happen.

I mean I should not of been there in the first place when all of this was supposed to of happened I was at work, with 3 cameras on me.And she had the truck.
But to save time (and my sister was there for this part) My ass hole...Oops my Lawyer said I should cop a plea to Menacing. I told him that he wanted me to swear under oath that I hit my wife? then told him that my uncle Chuck would roll over in his grave if I did that!
But it was either that or a year long fight that I had a chance of losing. so I took the deal.

Tomorrow pt. 14 life goes to hell!


Midlife Slices said...

Damn that makes me mad when men or women accuse the other of something like that. That's serious stuff that stays with you forever. grrr.....

Trixie said...

She did that just because you wanted to give up meth? Sounds like she really had it bad for the stuff!