Saturday, November 29, 2008

Part 14 life goes to hell

Before I get in to the story I've got to let you know that I will be shortening this up for a couple three reasons. 1. I thought I would be done with this in no more than a week and it has been a month. 2. I thought I would be okay with telling this but as I get in to the darkest part of my life I'm reluctant to put it down for you to see, I'm sorry I thought I would be okay with it but I will put in as much as I can, and still sleep at night. and 3. I have things that I had planed for this blog and I'm getting frustrated not getting them out here! So I will end this story over the next few posts so I can get on with the blog I want. I hope you understand.

I ended up getting back together with my wife. The "Wittiness" to me beating her quickly moved out of town for some reason....... We ended up moving over to her parents place after I lost my job. And our drug use started to get worse by the day and so did our fighting. She once again tried to get me arrested for beating her, but this time she had no witnesses and I had her mother and father as witnesses. She was made to leave and I was told to stay. This did not set well with her (I can't imagine why?) So she decided that it was time for us to split the sheets. I had a better idea. I told her that she could have everything as long as she left me the fuck alone!. I moved in with some friends but instead of quiting drugs I found myself selling them and being a go between or a runner for drugs. I would get some extra from the person I bought it from and the person I bought it for I was in the win win end of the deal. The more the person wanted the bigger my take. I was at times getting ounces of meth with a street value of $1,000 an oz. as my cut. I at one time used 18 oz. of it for a pillow. Just to make sure no one got in to it. I was getting pretty big in the dealing of this drug I knew all the big cooks and dealers in the area I could always find it no matter what time of day or night. I would even make deals up for the people who supported there habit by steeling, And I think that this is what started to way on me. I really don't like the idea of steeling and I was around and even called a few of these people friends. But they were always getting caught and that would always make you wonder what kind of info were they going to be telling the cops. You can never trust a thief that is facing jail time and a drug addiction. They could tell the cops your whole story and that could really put a damper in your day.

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Trixie said...

You may be finding this hard to write down...but be proud of yourself, because it's all behind you now. You live to tell the tale!

Princess said...

Ken u can say all this an u know someone who has the same habbit as u used tooo may find it interesting for them to pull them selves out of that BIG BLACK DEEP WHOLE....Just be thankful of who u have become today, we all have a jounery to take in our lives and that was urs for that ur on a different one...


Princess said...

sweetheart be PROUD of the man u have become now...that was ur jounery u had to take my friend and now u are on another one..excellent work sweetheat..