Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pt. 6b the big move (WTF Doc)

So all of the test where coming out negative, and every idea was a bust. I had been poked and prodded shot up with dies and radiation, X-Raye ekg'ed cat scanned mri'ed to fucking death. No one had a clue, So workers comp dropped my coverage, and the Doctors told me I would never work again? that set real well with me....NOT!

I went and talked to a lawyer (yes I hate them also) but I now had 2 of them. one working on my divorce and one working on my health. My lawyer that was handling my health spent a couple days going over my medical records, then called me in to his office.
He sat me down and said he was going to take my case. That was not a shock to me... but it was good to hear. He then said he was going to send me to a new doctor... I was puzzled. I had seen the brightest minds in the state and they were clueless, so who was he going to send me to? He told me that this was a different kind of doctor? A chiropractor. I looked at him as if he had just told me he was from mars. I asked him if he had read my file, and was he sure he wanted to send me to a quack!.

He said you just go see him and let him have a look at you, he isn't like most Chiropractors you have heard of. So I wasn't going to lose anything by going so I did. He started running the same damn test they did a OHSU and I was feeling like a fool for even coming. I already knew what he was going to find... NOTHING! just like the others. He then started to do a few things the others had not done. Now let me get this put in your head right, I have been having this trouble for 2 1/2 years I was really tired of the whole thing, being stoned didn't help or hurt so I was stoned for most of this time. All of the doctors said that that would not be a factor and a couple had even said it was probably a good thing, with the pain and stress I was under. Anyway, the new doctor (and yes he was a doctor with a certificate and all) Ran this little white thing with what looked like a spring across it up and down my spin.. that was new. then he had me stick my chest out as far as I could and pull my arms back as far as I could.. They went numb when I did this which was nothing new to me. This test is called a Logan's test, and I will never forget that. Then he sent me home and said he would call me in the morning.... I was sceptical to say the least.

But about 9am the next morning he called and asked me to come in as soon as I could. So I jumped in the car and headed to his office........

And I will tell you the rest of this story tomorrow.
be watching for the big move pt 6c (you have to be kidding me!)


Midlife Slices said... left me hanging here????

Music Monkey said...

How strange, I was just thinking about jacking in my chiropractor and it looks like you might be about to tell us their actually very good. Mine solves sore heads but hasn't made ANY difference to the reason I actually went.

Trixie said...

Very interesting reading your life like this! You've definitely had a lot go on!

just a girl... said...

you are freaking KILLING ME. lord new blog and all of a sudden you are a damn writer, cliffhangers and all

Anonymous said...

Hello Ken, your blog is so interesting. The first time I know you in myYearbook I have in my mind that something on you that I have to know later so I decided to put your blogs in my yahoo site. About your condition, I know Psoriasis is a lifelong condition, but I think what you have now is only minor localized patches. How about try Cannabis, a flowering herb.Don't lose your hope...God is so good and I know you have still have a mission in this world.Go go go Ken..Stay safe and God bless.