Friday, November 7, 2008

Pt. 7 The lie/the cure/the disease

This should be the shortest post to date, at least that is what I'm thinking. But I don't have this written down anywhere so I never know in tell I put the memories down just how long it will be.

Now for what seemed like for ever I had been wearing braces on my arms. They seemed to help with holding on to things but I think they were more of a crutch than anything else. One night as I was taking them off for bed I noticed I had these two round sores on my left wrist. I didn't really think to much about it and went to bed. I woke up the next morning and I had these same sores every where. There wasn't an inch of space between them. My first thought was scabies! I thought I had got it from the braces....(remember I'm not a doctor). I had skin peeling from my hands and they looked like the were 80 years old. Now did I panic? when hell yes I did but I had an appointment with my Chiropractor that day and he and his Father were both md.'s so I was going to see them and get their thoughts on this dilemma.

When I arrived at the doctors office I kept my coat on and my hands in my pockets. When I was called back in the room my doctor was there and his father was in the room across from me. As he was shutting the door he asked me how I was doing. Now you can ask any one who knows me I have been a smart ass as long as I have been putting words together. So my reply was "Well doc you tell me" and I pulled my hands out of my pockets and showed them to him. He looked at them but didn't seem to concerned, so I did what every smart ass would do I pulled the coat sleeve up on one of my arms and showed him the sores there......still nothing from him, I was puzzled.

He stuck his head out the door and asked his father to step in and take a look. His father comes in and takes about a 2 second look and says you have psoriasis. I asked if it was catchy and he replied well no not really, its an inherited disease, either your mother or your father have it and it was passed down to you from them. He told me what to use and asked if I was under a lot of stress.......I had to stop and think. Lets see I, I have been having this trouble with my arms for over two years, no stress there lets see what else hummm, I'm in the middle of a divorce no stress there, I haven't seen my kid in six months no stress there workers comp has dropped my case and I'm running out of money and taking them to court no stress there. Okay, so I was under a little. He said that stress will bring on an attack like this and I should try to reduce my stress....oh okay I will just do that as soon as I get home......duh.

Okay that was the disease part. now for the cure...but not for the disease.

I was feeling better and things were stating to get back to a normal state, I was making great headway with the grip test and the pain had just about gone away. My doctor asked if I thought I could return to doing some work, and I instantly replied YES! I was going to ask him the same question that day anyway. he released me but warned against returning to wrench bending, he said it was the standing under cars looking up that had caused the trouble and it could be repeated if I did. I was in no way then going back to that line of work. I started looking for work the next day and found a job at a service station pumping gas once again. So I was employed again and back at work just before going to work on my second day I called my doctor, when he got on the phone I called him a liar and he said "What?" "I said "you lied to me!" He wanted to know what lie he had told me and so I ran it down for him. I said "Remember the day of my first treatment, you told me I would be back at work in 2 months" He said "Yes?" I replied "Well its only been a month and a half" and started laughing and so did he. I will never forget this guy he saved my life in more ways than one. But I wasn't done with seeing him I had just gotten to the point I could return to work.

On December 23rd I received my notice that the divorce was final, there was a load off my shoulders. And I was going to be able to see my daughter again. A couple of weeks later I received a call from my other lawyer that workers comp wanted to settle, and had made an offer... I said no to there offer at his advice.
Then a couple days later they made another offer that was to me more fair, All the back pay, all my doctor bills and lawyer fees plus a nice chunk of change for me.
I was due in for my last doctors appointment and was going to have Sarah for the week end, so I went out and bought a used car and planed a big weekend with my kid. I was back and feeling great!.

Tomorrow Pt.8 Moving/ saying good bye

See I told you I never know how long this will

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Music Monkey said...

Great post as always. Quick question though... do you still see the chiro? Like I say mine cures my headaches and I do feel other benefits but the REAL reason I went there has had no results! Do I keep going?