Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Part 9 New job/ new wife

his is where I make one bad choice after another but here it goes.... lets hope that telling this isn't another one.

I got a new job working at a dairy, we processed dairy products there, but there were no cows, it was all trucked in. I loved the work I was doing at first the receiving off milk 2 days a week and then working in the cooler, and the other 2 days I was just in the cooler. I would relieve the gallon filler line for brakes . That was fun and fast paced. And as things always go people move on to other jobs and so soon I was on that line. We worked 4 10 hour days and had three days off. I was running in town a couple days a week to see my Aunt who owned a shop in town. One day while working on a sewing machine I met one of her employees. she seemed nice and soon we started dating. I had been pretty much drug free for a year, not that I was trying to quit just didn't have time to chase it down. But she loved to smoke pot, and we would get high and stay that way in tell I had to go to work. This was one job you could not do stoned. It was very demanding on you physically. I was in great shape, lifting 8 pounds of milk in each hand as fast as I could run the machine and still get the jugs full. I was doing about 10,000 gallons of milk and 4,000 gallons of juices a day. Not a good time to be stoned.

I wont go in to the reason I made my girl friend quit her job but I will say that even to this day I will not do more than say hi to my Aunt, and in tell I hear an "I'm sorry" from her I will not have anything to do with her.

So I was working at a good job with good pay and the hours started to increase. I was working 4 13 hour days and was get overtime pay. My girl friend and I decided to get married and about that same time one of us found a connection for a drug called CRANK. Now Crank is so close to the drug meth that they say it is just one molecule away. I'm not sure that is all true but they cut crank with so much crap its hard to tell. So as our wedding was approaching we were using Crank a lot that is a drug I found I could do while at work. It also puts you in a really good mood.
So you never wanted to say no to more hours ... hell you could work for days on end if you had this stuff, no need to stop and eat.... and that is one of the things that makes this drug so dangerous. you are starving your body of proteins, and vitamins while feeding it an artificial adrenalin. The only thing you would need to stop for is a smoke break and a chance to re up your drug in take.

On the night before our wedding we scored a bunch of Crank and I was up all night and stayed up through the wedding. Then drove to the coast for our honey moon, stayed up all night and the next day with my new wife sick as a dog. She had a disease called Mainers disease. And it was like being car sick for days. And I stayed up with the help of the Crank and took care of her for three more days. The only time I left her side was to go get more drugs.

Tomorrow part 10 we find meth to be better.


Trixie said...

Sounds a bit like speed. Many mango seasons ago when I did it, you never got so much work done in your life.

Midlife Slices said...

I find it oddly funny that "crank" makes a person happy. LOL


Ken said...

Trixie, that is just what it is a higher quality of speed.

Midlife, That is the drug world for ya, wait in tell you hear some of the terms that were used around these drugs.