Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pt8b Moving/ Saying goodbye

So as I started my first week there I was asked not to do any stripping or waxing, they just wanted me to get to know the store.That was hard the store looked like shit and I had all this stuff to make it look good. But like the good little boy I did as asked, but they didn't say I couldn't buff the floors. So I did and my bosses came in the next night and the first thing out of there mouths was "I thought we agreed that you weren't going to lay any wax down" I smiled and said "I haven't put any wax down.....YET" They were really amazed at how the floor looked. The said that they should of brought me in there 6mths ago when they first thought about it......I kept my mouth shut because they had asked me to and I turned it So I was given the go ahead to start putting the store in shape they said that out of 127 stores its appearance was rated at 123. they wanted it to be in the 60's in 9 months. I was also put to the task of getting rid of the employees. But we were union so it had to be done right. So over the course of 6 months I got rid of all but one. And when the bosses came down and asked why he was still there I told them flat out. "I will not fire him, He comes to work everyday he tries his best and brakes a sweat trying to keep up. he stays" They weren't to keen on the idea and asked me to have a talk with him about picking up his speed. I agreed but my mind was set and I was prepared to go to bat all the way for him. When I talked to him about picking up his speed he told me that he could not go any faster and that his feet were always cold. I asked if he had been to a doctor about this and he said that he had. The doctor told him there was nothing wrong with him. I told that he needed to go back to his doctor and tell him either he finds out what is wrong with him or he would find a doctor that would. The next week he came in with a note from his "New" doctor that said he was going to need 6 weeks of to recover from surgery. He looked at me and said, "the doctor found that I have 2 veins in my abdomen that are 90% blocked and he thinks they have been that way since birth". "I have to have 9" replaced" He was happy and scared that he was going to lose his job, I told him that the union would not allow that to happen and that he had 2 health plans that would pay him while he was recovering and got the information for him. When he returned from his recovery he pulled me aside and with tears in his eyes he said that he could not thank me enough for what I did for him. he said that for the first time that he could remember his feet were warm. And let me tell you guys some thing after he got back in to the work routine he could keep up with me and not even brake a sweat. He was the best employee I have ever had.

Then one day I got a phone call from the ex wife. and my world was about to fall apart. That will be tomorrows post. pt 8c Saying goodbye


doberman gang said...

Keep them coming I have 21 years missing from our freindship that I need to catch up on. nek

Midlife Slices said...

See, I knew you were a good guy. :)