Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Part 12 The thumb gets better thanks to me.

So I was told that I would be off work for 9 mths to a year while my thumb healed.
After three months this not working was getting old. But I could not bend my thumb but a hair. So I took one of those foam footballs (Now this is an American football, pointed at both ends ok.) I cut one end off and when I went rock hunting I would put that in my hand and push on it with my thumb. I was starting to spend more and more time on the river that ran 100 feet from my door. And the dog was loving it, the weather was getting nice and I was always high so the dog was always busy. And I think that as long as she was with me she was happy.
I would spend hours and hours on the river looking for rocks and playing with that dog.My wife had gotten a job printing Tee shirts in town so there was some extra cash coming in.

After about a month using the tip of the football I had a doctors appointment.
He was just doing a check up to see how it was healing. He was surprised at the range of motion I had in my thumb. And asked what I had been doing. When I told him he just shuck his head, I asked what was wrong and he said that The insurance company will be glad to hear that. He said that if I kept that up he would not send me to physical therapy. If any of you have ever been to that before you know how big of a smile I had on my face. The last time I went there I wanted to kill them.....all of them!!. He then said it would save the workers comp company thousands of dollars and that he was going to recommend that to his other patients with similar problems. So it ended up that at 6mths to the day I was released to full duty. A full 3mths early if it went really well. And besides hurting when it gets cold I have no trouble with it. It is a little funny shaped from where it blew out on one side and the nail did not attach on the outside corner but I would have to show that to you for you to notice so I am real happy with that.

Tomorrow part 13... un-lucky 13

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Midlife Slices said...

Do you ever sleep? You posted this at 5 a.m.

I'm not quite gettin the football deal. I guess I'd have to see it to know how you used it. Still here!!