Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pt 8 Moving/Saying good bye

First let me just say I went to bed at my old bed time for the third night in a row and was awake by just after 11 pm. This sucks. I haven't been able to get back on my schedule since that damn spider bite. So I'm going to start this and hopefully get sleepy and go back to bed.

Now when I left off I was done with the Chiropractors and had gotten a job. I worked that job for some time and really liked it I was getting better pay and better hours in tell I had the hours I wanted. The owner of the station was getting ripped off by his other employees, he new this and I new this but he could not figure out how..... So I did. I figure I was saving him from $500.00 to a thousand dollars a week. and that is what he agreed to when I brought it up and asked for a fucking $0.50 raise and he refused. So soon after that I got a job working at a major chain store here in the Northwest. I worked graveyard As a glorified janitor. The work was fun and I had a good boss. and in a few months maybe 6 or 7 I was the assistant manager. I was offered a couple of manager spots at other stores but was really happy there and was really getting good at waxing and stripping the floors, and two days a week I was the one in charge of keeping up the store and making sure the wishes of the manager was done correctly. I was growing my hair out once again and I don't think the whole time I was there did he ever call me by my name, it was always Hippie. It wasn't a tease it was just a nick name.

Finally I was asked to take over the Albany stores Building service maintenance (BSM) and I thought that if I didn't I wouldn't get another offer, I felt I was ready and had been for a long time so I asked if I could tour the store and see what I was getting my self into. They agreed and we went down to take a look. The grocery dept. was open 24 hours a day which was new for me and presented a few challenges. But as I walked the store I was think to my self... Crap! if I take this store I will look like a god in less than a month. I went to one of the 2 storage rooms and there must of been enough stripper and wax to do the whole store twice....and I think there was all but a few buckets of wax. So when the tour was over they asked me if I still wanted the job. I tried to look un-pleased (that is my word and you can only use it with permission from me) as I could and got an upgrade in pay.... This store had more shine on the carpets than it did on the tile floor. So I said YES I will take the store. Then they dropped the other shoe.... They wanted me to get rid of every other employee. there were 8 all together. I didn't really say anything to this hiring and firing was nothing new, but here I would only get the firing part, The regional's did the hiring.

Tomorrow will be pt. 8b Moving/ Saying goodbye


Music Monkey said...

No wonder the guy's employees were ripping him off if he was so stingy that he couldn't even manage a 50p raise.

Midlife Slices said...

I'm playing catch up and have read the last two posts but only commenting here to let you know I'm still hangin in here. :)