Monday, November 10, 2008

Pt 8c Saying goodbye

So Connie was telling me that her new husband had gotten a job in Alaska and they would be moving up there..... I went in to shock. I don't ever think I ever let her know just how much that shook me up. I new that I could fight it and I knew that doing so I would more than likely lose, and just drive a wedge between Connie and I. That I did not want to happen, Sarah and I were so close, So I let them go. What I didn't realise was that it wasn't just my heart braking when I said goodbye, But the bigger part of my give a shit got on that plane with them. I slowly started down a path that would play the biggest part in making me in to who I am today. Its just to bad that I took the path that I did instead of the path that would of gotten me here years sooner. But I'm here now and that is what counts in my book... and it is my book.

So not long after my world went to Alaska I was offered a new post with the company. They were opening a new store on the coast and wanted me to take that store. And so I did my kid was gone so I had no reason not to. So I packed up and moved down to Booking's Or. Now while I was at the other store I had gotten all the raises I was aloud and 2 incentive raises. So I was making more than the higher pay scaled Portland area managers. This new store was non-union so as the store was nearing its open date I started having trouble get help from my bosses, then I quit hearing from them all together. The store was not going to be ready and I could not even get a reply from them. This was really pissing me off, So I sent them an e-mail telling them that I was really disappointed in there lack of response and that I was quiting in 2 weeks, which would be right after the grand opening. I then made copy's of all my communications with them over the time that we had a way of communicating, and took them home that night. Four days before the open date my bosses showed up. Now we had been friends for nearly five years so I wasn't afraid to speak my mind to them, and at that point I don't think it would of mattered. I asked them what the fuck was the deal and there reply was that they were bringing in a new manager and that I was going to be replaced......DUHHHHH. I had already turned in my notice. Then they handed my my final pay check and searched everything I was taking out of the store with me...... I was not new to there tactics, that is why I took all the documents home that night I turned in my notice.

So I moved back to Salem, and filed for un-employment....and was denied. No shocker there the company always fought paying the benefits. But I was an ass hole by then my give a shit was gone and I was just plain ol pissed off. So I filed for an appeal. The employment office asked if I had any proof to what I was claiming and I told them I had the copy's of my attempts to communicate with them, and they asked me to bring them in so they could copy them and go over them. Now the employment office was only about two miles away from where I was staying, so I just got on my bike and took them down, had them copy them and got on my bike and headed home. As I got to the carport my friend came out and said that the employment office was on the phone. I thought I had forgot something, or they needed more information.... boy was I wrong. The man on the phone said he had just skimmed the first few pages and call my bosses to ask a few questions and he said the only thing they didn't lie about was there names. My case was won and his advice was to make them pay every penny, and that he was sending the case up to the main office and sending it to the labor board. the had been hearing about there tactics but had never had any way to prove it ... tell now!

tomorrow part 9 new job/ new wife


Midlife Slices said...

Brains AND common sense. wow

Ken said...

Thanks, but as you will see over the next few days my brains and my common sense go right out the window.

Trixie said...

Shame about your kiddie moving so far away. You really could have fought it, and won, hell my ex husband did, lol! (Well, he won getting me to return, that's about it!)