Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pt 5 A trip home

Now before I jump all the way to the trip we took home I have a couple of story's I should (or want to) tell first.

My mother came down to see her 3rd grand child and meet my wife for the first time. We did a lot of things while she was down, and she was our first baby sitter. We went to NASA while she was there and she still has a Colombia space shuttle magnet on her fridge from that trip. I seen it this weekend and I think I can remember that whole tour we went on there.

Then there was this one night at my best mans apartment we had gotten pretty high and had, had 2 or 3 to many beers. Connie and I (or really it was just Connie's) had this cat. it was the meanest damn cat I had ever seen. It would attack me at night in my sleep.... NOT FUNNY stop laughing. Anyway Jeff and I were out on his front porch, it was on the second story. The EVIL cat was in the middle of the court yard waiting for us to leave so it could walk us (Connie) home. I finished my beer and told Jeff to watch what I did. I tossed the empty beer can as high in the air as I could, not AT the cat just in the general direction. it was silent in tell it hit the ground about 7 feet from the cat, that was not paying attention to us. That cat jumped straight in the air and I swear that cat jumped as high as the porch and Jeff will confirm this when he gets around to reading it.... We laughed or asses of over that and we still talk about it over 20 years later... I guess you had to be there to really understand how funny it really was.....

Now for the Vacation, As I was preparing for the trip home with my family I wanted to get some lose ends tide up. There was some lights on the tennis court that needed to be replaced. It took about 5 or 6 of us to change the bulbs. We had to bring the lights down to the ground by the pivot point and they were so heavy that we would tie a rope through the pivot point and we would all slowly let it down they weighed about 600 lbs all together. on the last one I had the rope ready and asked if the guys were ready they said yes I pulled on the rope and the lights started to come down and I started to go up. I was the only one who had a hold of the rope. I went 15 feet up in seconds I burned my hands so bad they blistered and broke open and went to bleeding. The bad thing is I was going to be going fishing for Salmon while in Coos bay with the folks. I could hardly even move my fingers the next day as we boarded the plan.

We landed in Portland at 6 am, and were met by my oldest sister. We spent the night there and headed to Coos bay on Sunday.

I may continue this later tonight if not I will do it tomorrow. stay tuned for the trip home pt 5 b.

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doberman gang said...

As I have been reading i was wondering when the cat story would appear it is as funny to me now as it was at the time. And yes she did jump as high as the second story.I still wonder what happened to her.