Thursday, January 8, 2009

WTF #1.5

Okay here is what the happened with the dentures.

I called and whined enough to get in to see them yesterday afternoon.

They said that the plate was really thin on top? and that was why it cracked.

They also said that they will have to replace the plate all together and the one tooth when I go in for my final fitting, which is coming soon. I go in on the forth of next month to see if I am ready. I hope so, I haven't been locked to one spot sense I was a kid... not that I have to go any where, its just that the idea I can't go I guess. I would like to get down to the south and see about picking up some work there at least for a short while and maybe see a few friends. I haven't been 40 miles away from my home in over a year and I'm getting the itch... Not in the same way as Practically Joe. But an itch all the same!

So anyway they fixed them and now I can chew and chomp! I'm all happy now!

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Midlife Slices said...

If they are that thin, you'd better figure out what you did to break them and not do it again. duh. LOL