Monday, January 5, 2009

So here is a story for you

I have been a bad boy for the last year or so. (I know its shocking but true) I have been taping in to some ones wireless network and not having to pay for it. Well my Christmas present this tear was karma. I am back from my brothers and could not get on line for what seemed to be a week or more, Then I could get on line sometimes. And again this morning I could not get on line, but was planing on calling quest to get there new offer of 7 mb for $7 what a great deal!.... NOT. I could not get it in my area, it is offered in my town but not where I live. I called a few more places.... nope not one of them could help me either. Well those of you who know me know how well I take these little set backs..... Yes I have issues. So I then went to my good friends over at best buy. They were able to get me set up on a broadband wireless for nothing down. They told me it would be slow........ It is a hell of a lot faster than the way it was even when the signal was great. I had, had 11 songs on itunes that I wasn't able to down load for what seemed like for ever. they were down loaded in no time flat. I will be going over to blog #1 and seeing how fast I can do some pictures right after this.

So now I will be able to do the resolutions I had set out to do.

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Doberman Gang said...

Welcome back to cyber world.