Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blast from the past 1

For my first blast from the past I am doing this photo. One because it just bust me up so bad. (my hair is long because I hated I mean HATED getting it cut) and two My sister doesn't know when it was taken. First let me inform you who is who in here. (left to right front to back) Ken (me) Richard, Steven,Terry, Reneee, Ali and the little guy is my nephew Taylor. Just to give you an idea how long ago this was I am House/dog sitting and mending a fence for Taylor at his house all next week. But this picture was taken in 1980/ maybe early 1981. For I moved to Houston in 81. And Taylor was born in 80 I do believe. But now back to my hair.... I mean hey it was COOOOL MAN to have your hair long like that back then. But the funny thing is now if it gets an inch long I'm going nuts and heading to get it taken care of. Oh I will not put ages to my brothers and sisters but let me put them in age order. Terry, Richard, Renee, Ken,Steven. Ali well lets just say she is still that young... she wishes. But I am 48 and working hard on 49 and Taylor is 28. So the whole famn damily is getting old. But we are still close and we are all still pissin' and moanin'. But there you have it my first blast from the past. Not all will be about the family, but a lot will. (they make for such good reading)



Doberman Gang said...

You did not look to happy to be there either. Thats it i give up today I have typed on two blogs and I can't type or spell worth a %^^&*& today. Not that i could anyway today seems worse.

Midlife Slices said...

I picked you out EASY, before reading who everyone was. LOL Love the hair. NOT!

Ken said...

Oh MLS you know you love me long hair or short, just don't let HBL know I can't do my comments in red on here