Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Now pay attention

If you can't pay attention just bum a nickle from some one and come back!

Okay here is what is up with this blog. I know you have been dieing to hear.
Now this is not carved in stone and I hope to add to it as I go.

1. Here is what is up with Ken.
And that is what it will be. Just a update at where and what I'm up to.

2.And the story goes like this.
A made up story for you to enjoy.


4.Blast from the past
A short story from my past, one that wasn't covered in the opening of this blog.

5. Could be true? could be a damn lie!
Oh I will be having fun with this one, I have enough blanks in my life that my family wont even know if its true, But I am working on one that one of my readers will know. So Jeff you will have to bow out from commenting on it lol

So that is what is up with this blog, I have had my ask blog sitting to the side for a while now and I will be waking it up. So get your reading glasses out and your thinking caps on I aim to drive you all just as crazy as I am.

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