Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dad, dad, What are you doin'?

(dad) I'm trying to fix this thing son.
(son) Wow, what is it dad?
(dad) Its a blog son.
(son) Can I help?
(dad) Well uh I guess you could, see the fuzzy stuff around the edges?
(son) yeah? I think so.
(dad) well hand me that torch.... Thanks, (click Whoosh .... sounds of snap crackle pop, and the smell of burning brain cells)
(dad) well that's about all we can do here son.
(son) Did we fix it dad will it work now?
(dad) Well that's not up to us son that's up to the readers, if they go to the blog and play it will be okay, but we have to tell the readers how to find the blog it has been broke for a long time so people have forgotten it.Would you like to give them the address to the blog?
(son) Yeah, can I, that would be killer man.
(dad) okay, big boy you tell them how to get to the blog then.
(son) Okay, well if you go to you can get there that way or you can just go to the blog roll to the right and click on "Ask me why" and then mark it as a favorite so you can find it easy. How was that dad?
(dad) Yes you did fine son, now I will tell them how to play and so forth.
Ken will ask you a question then you just go to the comments for that post and answer it, Or you can ask him a question in the comments section and he will answer it in a post, just don't think you will get a straight answer from this guy. If you really need a straight answer then email it to him at this is his new blog only email address. Then there is the "Who knew" part he will enlighten you on something that has struck him as strange or funny. You can also post one of them in the comments section. All in all it is up to you the readers to fix this blog I have done all I can and Ken is waiting, he says this is his favorite blog and really likes to play! Help him out I can't take working on this thing any more and he pay's dog poop!


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