Friday, January 16, 2009

Could be true #1

It was a nice sunny day, warm and working on getting hot. There was just a slight breeze blowing but not even a wisp of a cloud in the sky. Some friends came over and asked if I wanted to go down to the river for a bar-b-Que. How could I refuse, I am always ready for a river trip and it is so close to the house I can walk back to get things if needed, So away I went.

After getting the spot picked out and everything all set up, I went for a walk down the river bank.
As I rounded a bend in the river I noticed something floating in the water and heading a way from me with the current. It looked like some white cushion are something like that it was moving away at a good pace. So I picked up my pace to see if I could catch up to it and see just what it was. I have found some pretty cool things in and on the banks of rivers. I have found countless pairs of sunglasses, fishing polls, tackle, clothing, money and so forth. As I got closer I could see that there was more to this thing than just what was on the surface. I could tell as parts that were under water would get caught on rocks and it would send the rest to spin in the current.

I finally got close enough to see that there was a arm that was just under the surface, This set my spinning. My pulse jumped 100%. I ran down the bank as fast as I could, now there was no time to waist. I hit the water and swam to the body, scared to death at what I was about to see. I have found body's before, and it isn't something you would ever get use to but you know you have to do it. I went and rolled it over to see the ugliest scare crow in my life! My heart just about jumped out my mouth, I wasn't thinking it would be a hoax. I mean who would do that sort of thing it could really mess with a persons head.

I did bring it back to the bar-b-Que, and we named him Chester the mind molester. He was the hit of the party.

A couple of weeks later we heard that he was spotted in Eugene some 70 miles away and was still partying hard, but had gotten some new cloths. This was back in the 70's and every once in a while I wonder what ever happened to good ol Chester.

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