Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sometines it just don't pay!

This is what the weather is like here today, BEAUTIFUL!! So I thought I would go to a place where I could get some breath taking photos just for you my readers. I hopped on my bike and headed out. I hit the trails at a high rate of speed.... 20 mph. Then I hit the ground.....HARD! when I hit this on the trail. (see below)
So I picked myself back up and made sure I was still in one piece (and I was) And I thought to my self, "Self what would Captain Danger do in this case?" Well captain danger would just slow down and go on to get the pictures for his readers. I now know I am not captain danger I then hit this rock you see below!

I picked myself up and made sure I was still all there (I may be wrong) And thought to myself "Self What would someone with even a half a brain do in this case?" I then WALKED my bike back to where there was not frozen snot and rode back to where I have been taking pictures for years, and what did I find when I got there........

I tell you what, This wasn't my day this water you see here is the trail I walk when taking pictures of the water fowl. As this picture and the one below show I was waisting my time. I came straight home and now my leg (left) and my backside as well as my right shoulder are starting to hurt.... Damn good thing I wear a helmet!



judi said...

nice water shots. :D brused bums are not good.

Trixie said...

ouch! Glad you were wearing your helmet as well!