Tuesday, January 20, 2009

When will I learn? 1

Yeah that's right I never told you about this one either, again read the name of the blog (man I sound so tough). Anyway:

I have this computer that was just sitting around holding the floor down because it has "Vista" in it and it would not work with the old wireless system I was using. But now that I have the new one I thought HEY I can use that upstairs, its a lot faster than the OLD one. So I hooked it up.
Then got a little reminder what the rest of the reason was that I no longer used it. It is telling me I have an illegal version of windows vista! (huh?) Well I have a restore disk and I am in the process of restoring it now. But I will have to do it again in 90 days when that ends, in less I can find a way to get a code for the vista.

I really hate that computer, I bought it new and 2 weeks before the warranty went out the motherboard did. I sent it off to get it fixed, now the warranty expired while in the shop. It hasn't worked right ever sense. I called and they said I had to pay for any repairs. I said it came BACK from your shop fucked up! It was under warranty when it got there WTF!

So I am installing this thing going on line and going to try to get it running right. But I refuse to drop one penny in to it! If $5 will fix it, it will return to being a paper weight!

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Doberman Gang said...

I if had the money I would by a Mac and change out all of my programs. Then tell Microsoft where to put Vista.