Friday, January 9, 2009

Here is whats up with Ken

I'm sorting through my photos from last year, trying to put them in to group's.

I wish I had done this from the start, it would make it so much easier to find that one damn picture I want!. So I am doing that with this years pictures.

I have started three new folders for this year. Water fowl, Birds and nature shots of 2009. I think that this will make it a little simpler to find them when needed. (I'm so smart) and just think it only took me three or four years to figure it out! I told you the drugs didn't effect me and you thought they had..... for shame on you!

And speaking of drugs, Tomorrow will be my 6 month anniversary of quiting smoking! The biggest thing I have noticed about it is that lately when riding my bike I am breaking up crap in my lungs and they are telling me that they don't want it in there any more. I also think I am using parts of my lungs that haven't been used for a LONG time. But I feel good and I can dismiss the cravings I still get with ease. I hear I will have them on a regular bases for about 2 years and then they will start to weaken, but that I may have them all my life. I can deal with that, I am so glad to ride past the smoke shop and wave to my friend that works there lol. He has been trying to quit for years..... Maybe he should go to work some where else?


lynette said...

awe your storys do brighten a womans day
keep strong hunni you have so much willpower and have kept off the drugs so be strong and am sure the riding of your bike will get better and better
have a wonderful weekend tc lynette xxx

Music Monkey said...

Well done you on keeping up the giving up! I've just realised that I gave up smoking 5 years ago almost to the day. I know. I'm not old enough to have given up smoking but I smoked for 8-10 years! Shocking. It was the worst thing I ever started and the worst thing I ever gave up! Keep up the will power.