Thursday, January 22, 2009

Whats up with Ken 2

Well I told you that I took my office space and split it up, I now have it set up here Upstairs and I have one set up in my room. This has been both a curse and a blessing. Curse: I at first left my Dell computer upstairs, then found out that I like working in my room a lot. So I switched the computers, I was using a HP (old) and put it up her and it was running so slow I couldn't take it any more. I pulled out the POS E machines I bought in 07. This thing had the mother board go bad and was just inside the warranty. So they replaced it. I was using it and 90 days later it stopped working and said" Your code for windows is not legal" Now I never put no DAMN code in, but it didn't hear me I guess because it just clammed up. So I had to wipe it all out and re do the thing like it was new. It worked, for 90 days. I was so happy........ I called the company (Gateway) and asked them what was up? They said: "Your computer is out of warranty we can't help you"........ I again was so happy. I unplugged the damn thing and sat it a side. There it sat, and sat....... Then two days ago I was so tired of the slow HP That I broke out the POS And installed it all again knowing that in 90 days it was once again going to be a paper weight.

Well today I was running around window shopping, and went in to a computer store. I shopped around and started talking to one of the salesmen. I told him what was going on. He said all I had to do was stand on my head stick my thumb some where unpleasant and click this and that and it should take care of it for me....... HUH?. I thanked him and acted like I understood 1/2 of what he said. I then went to the store I bought the POS at. I talked to a GEEK there and he said ohhhh, all you have to do is put one hand on the floor stick your feet out as fast as you can run in a circle and make a whoop whoop sound like the three stooges and bam your up and running.......... HUH? Okay I was so happy.

I messed around with it after I had gotten home, I went in to properties scrolled done and found the code.... and above the code it said "activate tomorrow" ? So I looked on the back of the CPU and there was the "Windows" sticker. This was the only part of what either guy had told me I understood. So I checked the code that was on it against the code in the computer, NOT EVEN CLOSE to the same!. So I clicked on the icon that said inter new code. And I interred the code that was on the back of the CPU. Hit the okay button and........... "Windows does not recognise the code you interred, please check the code and inter it again......... I was so happy.
But I checked the code, and what do you know I entered 4 letter/numbers wrong...yes I said wrong, damn hard to tell 6 and G and B and 8 apart when your not wearing your glasses and your reading upside down.
So I put the code in again making sure (via a magnifying glass) that it was right and clicked inter...........waiting...........waiting........BING Your windows code is valid........I WAS SO HAPPY! So I went online and wasn't on but a minute and bam, sweeper pops up, some bug was trying to get into my computer. It was blocked and I am sweeping it for any traces of the nasty bug. I just may have two good computers after all. If not well I will be so happy..........

U/S duhhhh

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