Sunday, January 18, 2009


Okay so I never told you about the title "OMG" but just read the name of this blog.... get it!

Anyway, this is a true OMG! I really didn't think a person could think this way, and actually voice it! I met this person online, we were talking and I mentioned that I use to be addicted to meth and that I have been clean going on 7 years. Well this persons response just floored me! I was told that if I had ever been addicted to meth that there was no way I could ever quit. WHAT?
Then I was informed that I was a bold face lire and that I should face the fact that I am a drug user! WHAT?

I really, really tried to keep my cool. But as the conversation continued I just got pissed. I then offered this blog address to this person, and asked for them to read it. I also explained that I would not of told my story for my family and friends to read if it was not true!. I have not heard back from them on if they plan to read the story or not. But without reading the story, they will not be talking to me! I am that shallow!



Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Sounds like they may have had a personal experience with someone who couldn't quit. Or they think they know better than you based on something they "heard". That's the great thing about online friends - you can drop 'em just as fast as you made 'em!

And major kudos for you kicking the habit. Well done, my friend!

Lily Sheehan said...

I dont think that is shallow. It is that person who is shallow. They shouldn't be so quick to judge. I am not and have never been involved in drugs but I would never dismiss and judge someone on what they once did. Everone has a past. I respect you for coming through and living to tell the tale.

Midlife Slices said...

You don't have to convince anyone who doesn't want to believe, that you have kicked the habit. Your blog and writings tell it all and if they are too lazy to read then that's their loss.

Ken said...

Thank you lady's, It really did bug me to hear her say thoughs things. It wasn't easy to quit, or was it easy to put it in here. But I am proud of what I have dine and I am even prouder that I have friends like you for suport.

And yes I blocked that bitch 7 ways from sunday and I will never hear from her again!

Trixie said...


Glad you blocked her! Talk about tackless! She probably meant you will always be a drug addict, even if you aren't on it anymore, like an alcholic is always an alcoholic, even if they never touch booze again. It's an addiction you have, but you've beaten it. Keep it up!

just a girl... said...

I agree with midlife you dont have to prove anything to anyone. You have this blog for one person and thats you, its your outlet. People will have their opinions and they will voice it. so in the end, fuck em'