Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pt. 4 Happy days

Before I dive in I want to share what went through my head all day.

Here I am telling complete strangers and a small group of friends things that my own family still is not a where of. I mean they know about my drug use but not to the extent that they will after reading this. plus there is a lot of what is in here I had purposely not told them for there benefit. I was ready at one point to delete this story and go one with what I have planed for this blog. But I came to the conclusion that I said I would tell this and I am a man of my word to the best of my ability. And again I am still going to be leaving some details out, but all that is in is the truth. So on word we go! ( and yes I wanted to use "word")

So I am in a small town in Oregon named Coos bay. I have just returned from an across the country hitch hike. Where I was looking for adventure and work. Now I didn't really get in to the looking for work part of the story to much but I did check out the work in a lot of the towns I went in to. I only found 2 that really fit the bill. Jacksonville Fl. and Houston Texas. And I already had a friend and a place to stay in Houston. So I made the most of my time while in Coos bay, through a friend I met while watching a baseball game in a park I found a job. It was a pretty simple but well paying job. All I was trying to do was raise enough money to get down to Houston, and hold me over tell I got work. This job was going to take about 3 days and I would get paid $250 and back then that was good money for a 20 year old. So what I was doing was remodeling a bathroom , Installing an old stile Cameoed with a raised tank and pull string flush, redo the tile in the tub with a white with black trim. It turned out so well I got a $150 bonus.

In all though I was at my mom and dads for about 2 months. But I then packed up and once again hit the road hitch hiking, but with one place in mind.... I just took a small detour on the way. Well not a detour just an extended stay over on a certain beach in Cali. It wasn't a long stay I mean I wasn't there long enough to leave the beach the whole time I was there, so it couldn't be to bad right? I was on that beach partying drugs booze and women for 6nights and 7 days it was the best time I have ever had on a beach. But I was on a mission and I knew the grunion would not run for ever. So on the seventh day I split.

Four days later I was in Houston, and back at my new friends house.
While getting settled I painted the outside of his house. Any of you who are familiar with Houston Will know how life was for two white guys living in the middle of the third ward of Houston, it would of helped knowing at least some Spanish but no a word did I speak. The only good thing was that we were they only house on the block that wasn't related to the rest and as long as we were in good with the family next door we were good for the whole street.

So I started pounding the pavement to look for work. I had a City map, and a bus ticket and schedule. I was prepaired to spend the day looking for work. The paper was full off jobs and I was sure to find something in the first month. Or so I thought, I must of went to two or three places... no it was two and they both wanted to hire me. They actually were bidding on me and when I thought the place I really wanted to work had gone as far as they would I took the job. I was now a Mail clerk for a Oil & Gas company.

I liked the work okay And the guy I worked with was funny as hell in tell he started hitting on me. Which he soon found out that when I said to knock it the fuck off that is what I meant. but once I pined him to the wall a told him just what would happen and how fast I would do it he thought better of it and the next week quit. anyway, one day while making my rounds with the mail I seen a beautiful young lady working the front desk. She had never been there before, and before long I was making small talk with her and we were hitting it off well. Then one day she took a piece of mail to someone for me and I commented that I owed her one, she replied how about lunch. And that was it. we started dating and spending more and more time together. She would come over and spend the weekends and we would get high and eat Doritos and cookies and cream ice cream, while listening to Rush's Tom Sawyer over and over again, she loved that song.

A few months Later we moved in to an apartment together, and were happy.
I remember we hadn't been living there to long when the phone rang and it was some lady wanting to speak to Connie (that was my girl friends name) I handed her the phone, and I wish there would of been a camera on me to capture the look on my face.... She went off on this very fluent rampage of Spanish like you would not believe. I had no idea she could speak Spanish at all.... it was priceless.

Do to my own doing I left my job at the oil and gas co. I will put up with a lot but when you refuse to discipline because of some ones skin color I draw the line I have always thought everyone as an equal and I'm an ass hole to boot so I walked. I had made friends with two guys that lived and worked in the Apartments and they were going to get me an interview for a job they had open..... I never got that enter view, I was just getting dressed to go to the enterview when the supervisor (who was one of the two friends ) knocked on the door. He asked if I was going to go to the interview are not, I looked at my watch and I still had an hour. I said I was getting ready to go now. He replied "the interview is over change your cloths we need to get to work". And so I did.

Tomorrow pt. 4b Happy days

foot note: sorry about this when I planed on doing this story I thought I would be done by now, I'm about half way so please hang in there I will finish it soon.


just a girl... said...

the story is great it tells about you. dont rush it and take your time. its awesome.

just a girl... said...

the story is great it tells about you. dont rush it and take your time. its awesome.

Music Monkey said...

I am loving this story and totally agree with JAG. Take your time. It's the detail that's making it even more brilliant now.

Anonymous said...

Yes, who's rushing you? Certainly not any of us. Waiting on the next part....patiently.

Teri said...

I have some catching up to do it seems.. I'm glad I waited a bit :)