Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The adventure... Pt. 3 b

Okay lets see where was I.... oh yes Key west Fl. I had just traded "sea weed" for good old grass. I had a little money in my pocket and didn't want to be in Miami any longer than I had to...... Nasty taste in my mouth over that place.

But I had to go through there to get out, and as luck would have it I got dropped off in downtown Miami. It was time for me to check in with home. So I call my mom and dad to let them know I was alive, and to see what the news was from there. My mother asked if I could come home because my oldest sister was going to be coming over from Manila and she was with child. I said I would and left from that phone call to head home.

I was out of Fl. that night and was dropped of in some small town in Ga. I hadn't even lost site of the car that had just dropped me off when a van pulled over and picked me up. He was about 5 years older than me seemed nice enough and was going to Texas.... nice long ride. I asked if he minded I get some sleep and he replied you only have to sleep if you want to, and of course I understood what he was saying instantly. I told him I had been up for a while and needed to get a couple hours sleep, then we would get in to what he had. I went out like a light, and woke up some 3 hours or so later. We turned off at the first town and got something to eat and a few drinks for the road. When we got going again I asked him about what he had. He answered what do you want, my kind of guy. He had it all - if it took you up, he had it - but the one he had that I liked the most was the black beauty's. He didn't have the same ol ones I had, he had some 888's I fell in love with these things, 1 of these and your hair would crawl for 12 hours. And you could forget about sleep for at least 18 hours no worries about food either that was the last thing on your mind.

So we talked and rocked out all the way to Houston which is where he was going to turn right and head North. I remembered that I had the guys number that had given me a ride to La. and he said to call when I came through. So I called and he came out and picked me up, this guy kept to his word 100%. He took me back to his house we ate and talked till late into the night. He showed me where my room was going to be and then, I crashed. I woke the next day to the smell of eggs being cooked. He put on a feed bag like I hadn't eaten in a week. Then he said he had to go to school and said it was cool if I hung around the house. I asked him what classes he was taking and he just laughed. He said he taught classes. He taught the theory of music.

We became good friends and when I was ready to go 3 days later he told me to come back - there was lots of work here and that I was welcome to stay at his place until I got one of my own. I thanked him and told him I would, just not sure when. And headed out for cali. once again. It was an un-eventful trip all the way to Coos bay the last ride I was picked up by a closeted gay guy. For a moment I thought it was going to get ugly but he finally shut his mouth and dropped me off just outside Coos bay. I called mom and dads and my older brother was there and he came and picked me up.

Tomorrow pt. 4 Happy days.


Teri said...

AHHHH you left me hangin LOL

Ken said...

Well I hope you don't get to tired it will om=nly be one day!

MLS said...

So far you've had great luck hitching. I'll be waiting for the next part!!!

Music Monkey said...

Sorry I've not dropped by sooner. The story has been amazing so far. Can't wait till tomorrow now. When you mentioned drugs some time back in a comment on my page I thought you were kidding. Apparently not. lol!

Trixie said...

Oooo, those drugs sound like some of the things I've been on in the past! Oh the adventures of youth!