Sunday, October 26, 2008

The life story of ken part one (the early years)

I called this part the early years because that is where I am going to start. I said on my other blog that I may leave somethings out but all that I put in will be true. So I'm starting off at the beginning. I think this will take up to 4 post to do and maybe more. I may throw in something else in between them but like the title says "What ever I want" and that is just how it will be. this is not going to be a tip toe blog. this will be a hold on to your pants type of blog. You or I will never know what is coming in tell its here! Now on with the post.

I was born in May 1960 in the state capital of Oregon, Salem. My first memory is of the same day as the picture on this post. I'm the little one. That is the day after the Columbus day storm.

We were hit with 120 mile an hour winds, trees and house blew apart. And I don't remember it at all. but 46 years later I still remember playing in a fort in the middle of the street the next day.

I only went to school my first year while living in down town Salem. In the summer of 67 my parents bought a house outside the city limits. It was a big house to me. It had been moved to the spot it stood from just down the road. It was now in the middle of a Field. It had 2 rooms down stairs with one bath room a living room kitchen and dinning room. the upstairs was just one big room. That summer is full of memory's and all good ones. we made games to entertain us, One I think of often was the city we made on the back of a twister game. we would use or hot wheels on that thing and it seemed we played for hours upon hours.

We would help with the remodel when ever we could. there was so much that need to be done. Every door way but one was an arch and when we were done every one but one was square. we put 4 bedrooms a sewing room and a bathroom upstairs. We needed the room there were Mom and Dad, my two sisters and my two brothers and I. We also needed to fence the place put a yard or 3 in. and build a barn. I don't think it was all done that first year but I know we worked on it for a long time.

So we got some cows and some chickens, pigs and all the fun little critters that come with a farm. Rabbits, ducks, turkeys, crows, rats, pigeons, hawks, owls, raccoons and we must not forget the skunks. We had them all and we had a ball.

THEN I STARTED JR. HIGH......... Look for that to be the next part"Then the trouble started"


Giggle! said...

heeheehee YAY! Finally, I'm learning more about you!

Great blog... can't wait for the next installment!

And I love that you had a little farm! xx

just a girl... said...

Awesome I can't wait to hear the next part

Ken said...

Giggle's always good to here from you!

JAG, the next part just might scare the crap out of you!

midlife slices said...

I'm sitting here drumming my fingers waiting for the next chapter........