Monday, October 27, 2008

Life story pt. 2 Then the trouble started

Jr. high, The time when we start to try all the new things. So I started trying. And I found myself smoking and not just cigs either I was smoking pot as much if not more than cigs. I didn't fall in to a bad group I was in one long before I came to the Jr. high. We just cared less once we got there. In the 7th grade I was asked to go out for football, The coach said I had hands like glue... but I would have to stop smoking. I told him no. Then I was asked to go out for track I was pretty good at the 100 yard low hurdle's I broke the school record and held it for 3 hours.... in tell a friend of mine beat me out by.04 seconds. But again I said no. smoking was my first thought, I didn't want to quit.

As i was getting in to the 9th grade I started doing other drugs. I'm sure a lot of you tried drugs growing up and remember cross tops. I loved them and I mean I really loved them. Then there were all the other uppers, black beauty's Christmas trees yellow jackets and the such...... I tried them all.

It started to effect my home life as a teenager we all go through growing pain and doing a lot of drugs does not help matters much. So I started running away from home... for years and years I always blamed my family for this, but I know now it was me and the drugs. I lived with friends for about a year then moved in with my Aunt she was always like a mother to me and she was my mothers sister and best friend she left us in June this year and I miss her a lot but I have only fond memories of her.

I decided that I was to smart for school and told my Aunt that I was not going to return .... she thought about that for maybe 1 second and said your not going to school your not staying here.... and again I made the wrong choice. I instead chose to join Job corps. And that was and is the worst choice I ever made in my life.

I arrived at the Job corps center in Oct. of 76, I was 16 and knew more about the world than anyone else...... NOT. I found out that this wasn't going to be a place to learn and be taught a trade, it was going to be a place where you were taught a trade and cheated out of an education. Oh and lets not forget the drugs, lots and lots of drugs. They did not turn a blind eye to the drugs they tried to control it but we were better at hiding them than they were at finding them. we had a system of warning everyone in the dorm that they were coming and in the 6 months I was there only one time did anyone get caught in our dorm.... the other dorm was not so lucky.

When I had done the 6 months that is required to get your savings I left, I was worse off for the wear and was really thinking of turning my life around and for 3 years I just floated by, from one job to the next and started selling the drugs I was doing. I made a lot of money and was spending it just as fast. Then came my big adventure.... And that will be part 3.


Midlife Slices said...

You have certainly traveled quite a rocky road and I look forward to part 3. :)

Ken said...

Pt.3 is ugly and it only gets worse with a few upturns here and there.

Giggle! said...

ooo you got some great goss here!!

Off to read the next installment.... xx