Monday, March 9, 2009



We all heard this right? So I went out and bought a new TV it is a 26" with built in DVD player. Not the best on the market but hey I needed a TV so what the hey?

Well I have had it for 1 month and a week. And love the picture and sound and all, but....... Last night I wanted to watch a movie and tried to slide one in to the player. It wouldn't go in? I looked and it said there was a dvd already in? I hit the eject button......... Nothing?. I checked the dvd case of the last movie I watched and it was in there! So I am going to be taking this POS back to BEST BUY and telling them in the calmest way I can..... Okay I will tell them to shove this piece of crap up there ass and give me a new one. Let me tell you the rest of the story.... When I bought this tv they gave me it and I took it home... (like you couldn't figure that out?) Opened it up and there was no power cord, no remote, no owners manual! I take it back only to find that they had given me a tv that had been returned once already!. So I am just a little PISSED OFF at them right now! We will see what happens, I just hope I don't have another story on this to post tonight!

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Trixie said...

Never buy a combi...they always break.