Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Less is more right?

That's right, its the bad boy in me coming out.....NOT! This is about less is more as it says in the title. Okay, 2 weeks ago I went to get my eyes checked. I knew I needed glasses that is old news, I had them before for reading and lost them. But the were having a sale and I was having trouble with reading so I went in. They gave me my Rx and I got a pair of reading glasses (bi folds) Then I started noticing that when I was in a store or looking in the distance it wasn't so Sharp anymore? So last night I was watching a movie (Transporter 3) and was again having trouble. So I put my bi folds on and BAMB always clear? I took them of and it went fuzzy again? Hummmm how can just plain glass do this I wondered? So I pull out the script the doc gave me and low and behold my left eye had gone south.... WAY south. So my reading glasses were not just reading glasses, but also straight out seeing glasses. How could I not know this? So I thought the doc had not told me, if he had it would of changed the glasses I bought by a bunch. So I started to get made, but I also started to think back to that day, and then I remembered something he had said. He had said something like "You will be able to read much better now and you will need them to drive do to the left eye". Why that did not stick in my head I think is because I don't drive and when he said that I was thinking no big deal I don't drive who cares. See now if he would of said "You will also be able to see you fool" Then I would of listened. So I went in to Binyons today with my Rx to see about getting a pair of glasses that I could wear just to see, ones without the bifocals. I thought I would get transition lenses, for sun light really bugs my eyes. It was cheaper (by a lot) to get two pair of glasses one for when I'm in doors and one for outdoors. So I now have 3 pair of glasses instead of just one pair because I didn't pay attention. But I still got all three for less than I would of gotten 1 pair of no line, transition lenses.
So I spent less and got more. But I will have to carry 3 pair of glasses with me in till I can get the ones I want. That should be sometime in the 22nd century!

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