Friday, December 12, 2008

Here it is the rest of the story

Okay, here is what has happened after I quit the drug world.
I stayed around the drugs and the "friends" for a long time I even was still doing drug deals at times when people were having trouble finding it. I was around them smoking it, snorting it and all. So I never really was away from the drug scene and was really having trouble staying off. I was losing the battle and knew that I had to get clear. I had to find away out and wasn't sure where to turn.

In desperation I call my older brother and asked if I could come stay with him for a while. The answer I got shocked me and is still a very touching memory to me. He did not say "let me talk to my wife" He did not say " I will think about it" he just said "Come on up we have room for you". I will never forget that conversation and he will never know what it meant to me. I credit him with saving my life and my soul. I also think it is that one single act of kindness is what has giving me the strength to stay clean. As I right this the count now stands at 6 years 5 months and 27 days clean. I have reconnected with my whole family and we are closer than we ever have been. I treasure them like nothing I have ever treasured in my life. I have tried to give something back to the community for what I have taken, I have worked in a homeless shelter. Which was the most rewarding job I have ever had, It broke my heart when I was laid off do to lack of funds. But I still go and help out as often as needed. And as the weather turns bad I'm sure I Will be needed even more, and I will answer the call. I have been out of touch with the night life and stayed pretty much a loner , I was a shamed to be seen by the public with the way my teeth looked. Meth has a way of rotting your teeth and I was in real bad shape. But now thanks to some people that wish to remain anonymous I have a brand new set of teeth and a brand new lease on life. Of all the things that are wrong in my life the all seem so small, I can safely say I am happy with who I am, and what I have become. I now live by this phrase and I hope to the rest of my life. "Never sweat the small stuff" and "there is nothing but small stuff". As I close this chapter of my life I just want to thank you all for reading this. I hope it will help some one in some small way. And I would also like to thank my whole family, for not giving up on me and giving me the chance to be in your lives again, I will never let you down again, you mean far to much to me I love you all very much.



Doberman Gang said...

Ken I had always wondered about you and you family after you left Houston this explains a lot. I was very gald you took the time to find me again after so many years. You have been and always will be one of my closest freinds and I hope we never lose touch again. We can not get back what we missed but we can sure look foward to the good times ahead. lol

Midlife Slices said...

It had to be a very painful but liberating experience to put this story out there for your family and the world to see. Thank you and you'll probably never know the people whose life you've touched and changed. Sometimes our journeys aren't very pretty but they make us who we are today and you are obviously a good person with a lot to offer so embrace your past and be thankful you made it to where you are today. :)

Trixie said...

You have to go through that stuff to make you the person you are today. Be proud of yourself that you are still still have your family about you. xx

just a girl... said...

Thank you so much for sharing this story. I refrained from commenting on this blog before, because at times this was hard to read. We only know what people show us and yes its easy to judge someone using drugs when we dont know them as a person. i think the story was great and beautifully written. I believe that if you do good, good wiill come to you. I am very proud of you and your choice. Thank you so much for letting us all see such a big part of your life.

lynette said...

well ken a loved reading all your blogs you are a real good story teller and very honest with it
i loved all your pics it looks so beautiful where you are especially with all the snow nice and white to match ya new teeth lol
and your last blog the one about your past well read it loved it your honesty is very refreshing and i hope you continue to stay clean and with the support of your family especially your brother and sure you wont have any problems
take care my lovely friend xxx