Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ipods!!! Here we go AGAIN!!!!

Okay, for those of you who missed my posts on "Ken's blog" about the troubles with I pods.. well your out of luck (in less you go there and look them up) Okay, now a few months ago I was on my way to the bus stop to go see my mother (good son that I am)When I stopped to talk to a gentleman about some work. We got talking and before I knew it I had to RUN for the bus stop. Well in my haste I lost my ipod. I tried looking for it that night and the next day, but it was gone. So as I was heading through the mall I ran in to a friend who works there and we started talking. He heard my tale about my ipod and said one had been turned in. And low and behold it was mine!.... Two days later it went tits up ( I figured that it dropping off me while I was at a dead run might of had something to do with it). So I took it back, I had the extended warranty so it was no big deal. well a couple months go by and I get a new laptop, down load itunes on to it and plug my ipod in thinking it will clear my ipod and I will have to reload my songs.. No big deal. Well I didn't need to it worked just fine and dandy, Then today I wanted to add a few songs on to it and charge it up, no biggy right?...... WRONG!! IT SAID IT WAS FULLY CHARGED AND SO i WENT TO DISCONNECT IT AND BAM!!! Even unplugged for an hour it was still telling me it was plugged in to my pc. So off to best buy I go, I show them my information and ipod and the young lady just goes and grabs another one (red which should of gave it away to me I always wanted a red one but there 16 gig and out of my price range) And gives me a new warranty and out the door I go, its not in till I have loaded a ton off songs on it that I realise that it is in fact a 16 gig and not the 8 gig like I had. So I really can't take it back, its used right? Oh hell I don't care as much trouble as I have had with ipods (this is number 11) I'm keeping the damn thing best buy THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

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Candice said...

You evidently have bad luck with Ipods. ;) Hopefully the 16 gig will last you a few weeks.