Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lost and found

Well a few posts ago (may have been on my other blog) I told you about me losing my eye glasses two years ago, I had thought that they were lost in 2 feet of snow in the woods at my brothers place. Well they were at my brothers place, they were found in the couch in the little cabin I stay in while I'm there, Of course they are no good to me now, my eyes have gotten to the point that I need glasses all the time and they were just reading glasses. But at least I now where they are right now.....stuffed inside an old boot! (I think)

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Silhouette glasses lost said...

Mine are truely out in the street. I knew I had mine and tried to protect them from falling out of my jacket pocket. I was distracted by a crowd of people near an intersection. I think someone might have picked them up but did they actually put them into a lost and found? I could see someone just wearing them since they are not that strong and have transition lenses. Can everyone have a selfish desire to say finders keepers? These are not cheap, they cost about 2x the normal eyeglasses.